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Ressources Map

Prototype for use by professionals and elected officials in territories concerned by the reception of Roma families. This collaborative map helps to identify “who does what” in terms of support for Roma families in order to define a more effective local strategy. The more we (re)know each other, the better we work together and the better we direct Roma families to the right interlocutor.

The map below allows to identify and locate the main resource actors and flagship projects identified by the ECRI project partners in their respective territories (Bègles, Dortmund, Plovdiv, Pazardjik and Bucharest). Depending on the needs of Roma families identified by professionals during their support, they will be able to use this tool to identify possible responses in the territory, in order to direct families towards the appropriate services or organisation. Professionals have private access to more information, while having the possibility to complete or add to their files (see the “instructions for use” page for more details).

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