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LE LABA - France

Founded in 2013, Le LABA is a centre of expertise specialising in European funding in the creative and cultural industries sector. LABA helps organisations to identify, raise and manage European funds, helping them in their internationalization strategy and in their local development strategy. LABA has piloted more than 70 european projects, half of which as a partner.


Bègles is a dynamic commune that is one of the 27 conurbations that make up Bordeaux Metropole. A true « Urban Village », the priorities of Bègles are in line with the policy led by the Mayor of Europe Ecologie Les Verts, Clément Rossignol Puech: economic development and employment, social cohesion, living environment and urban renewal. Bègles sets an example in the reception of migrants in the Gironde through its anticipation in the setting up of reception structures such as the CADA.


The PARADA foundation is committed to the daily reintegration of young people and families in Bucharest and offers them various tools that enable them to acquire concrete bases for schooling or a first job. Circus shows, often followed by tours in Romania and abroad, are an integral part of this learning and development programme.


The Roma Education Fund (REF) is a non-governmental organization established within the framework of the Decade of Roma Inclusion by Open Society Foundations (formerly Open Society Institute) and the World Bank in 2005. The organization’s goal is to reduce the educational achievement gap between Roma and non-Roma in Europe through the provision of scholarships to Roma students, supporting the development of quality education, and supporting the removal of segregation of Roma students.


Plovdiv University, named in honor of the Bulgarian historian Paisii Hilendarski, is the city’s leading cultural and scientific institution. It is the largest institution of higher education in southern Bulgaria and the third largest Bulgarian university. It was founded in 1962 and has nine faculties. Today the University of Plovdiv is a true university by international standards, since it provides training to students in the four major fields of higher education: natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and economics.

Youth Club Association « Roma Stolipinovo » - Bulgaria

This non-governmental organisation of youth was founded in 1996. Its mission is to improve the quality of life and inclusion of young Roma in Plovdiv and its district by establishing sustainable mechanisms for the for capacity building, increasing their potential and self-confidence. The Association’s priorities seek to change negative attitudes towards the Roma and minorities groups through the active participation and involvement of the young people from these societies in the social and cultural life.

Agence PLACE - France

Agence PLACE is a consulting cooperative based in Bègles, France. Through studies and missions carried out since 1991 with numerous local authorities, Agence PLACE assists decision-makers in their strategic choices, both in the field of housing and urban development and in that of social inclusion and of people in precarious and vulnerable situations, such as Roma populations. With its team, Agence PLACE combines skills (urban planning, geography, sociology, economy, culture, architecture) to cross paths and offer tailor-made expertise, according to the territory concerned.

Grünbau gmBh - Germany

GrünBau gGmbH was founded in Dortmund in 1990 and is very active in the Nordstadt area of Dortmund. This is also where the headquarters are located, where more than 200 employees with different professions work day after day for their clients. The sole shareholder of the non-profit GrünBau gGmbH is the Stiftung Soziale Stadt (Social City Foundation), which guarantees denominational, ideological and party-political independence in the daily work of the non-profit company. GrünBau is also a member of Paritätischer NRW and other professional associations. As a social economy player, GrünBau gGmbH is committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to realise their life goals in dignity and to develop their personality.

Association Future - Bulgaria

The Future Association is based in Pazardzhik. Its activities aim to support and ensure better living conditions for socially disadvantaged Roma and people with disabilities education and culture, employability, social conditions, living conditions, establishment of sustainable mechanisms to increase education and training of young people Roma, promotion and defence of human rights.

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