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Mihaela Drăgan 

Actress (born in year 1986)

Mihaela Dragan, born in 1986, is an actress and playwright of Roma ethnicity, who brings in her performances a strong critique of racism, as a virulent phenomenon that threatens communities, destinies, identities. The shows, as well as her characters are built on the basis of real stories, passed through the filter of her own experience.

Among the first performances of the actress is the theater show “Del Duma / Talk to me”, a one-woman show, which advocates for the rights of Roma women. Mihaela Dragan understands the Roma feminist movement as a struggle constantly doubled by the anti-racist one. Thus, in 2014, together with the actress Zita Moldovan, she founded the Roma feminist theater company “Giuvlipen”.

After a series of performances in numerous tours in the country and abroad, Mihaela Dragan performs, having a multiple role, in the theater show “Who killed Szomna Grancsa?”, Directed by Mihai Lukács, which had its premiere in Bucharest, in 2018, at the “Macaz” theater. In 2019, Mihaela Drăgan performs on the stage of the I.L. Caragiale, from Bucharest, in the show “Roma Armee”, produced by the “Maxim Gorki” theater in Berlin, played with Roma actors from Austria, Serbia, Germany, Kosovo, Romania, Great Britain and Sweden and with gadje (non-Roma). In the same year, takes place on the stage of the State Jewish Theater, the premiere of the bilingual Romanian-Roma show, “Kali Trash / Black Fear”, directed by Mihai Lukács, a show “living monument in memory of all Roma victims of the Holocaust in Romania, a free adaptation of the novel “With Death in the Eyes”, by the Roma writer and survivor, Valerică Stănescu.

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